Maintenance Program

We offer our customers the chance to enroll in our yearly maintenance program which includes all sorts of added benefits & perks that are sure to keep you satisfied at a price that just can’t be beat. The maintenance agreement program provides you with two maintenance inspections annually during which time a qualified technician will come out and inspect your air conditioning & heating system for proper operation to insure that it’s in the best possible working condition for the oncoming cooling or heating season.

Basically during each inspection our service technicians will inspect filters, check refrigerant pressures, tighten all electrical connections , check for proper voltage & amperage, make sure all motors are oiled & greased if needed, inspect belts & tension, check & clean the condensate drainage system, inspect & test all electrical controls to make sure they are working properly, check the indoor coil for cleanliness, clean the outdoor coil as needed, check the heating system thoroughly, including the ignition sequence, all safety controls, and pilot performance if applicable.

As an additional benefit, all gas appliances & plumbing will be visually inspected while on site. Any issues or repairs found during this time will be brought to the homeowner’s attention for authorization to make any further repairs. All equipment repairs found necessary during the HVAC inspection will be billed at flat rate pricing once the home owner authorizes the repair work they would like to be completed at that time.

If during the visual plumbing inspection any problems sighted will be brought to the home owners attention, should the owner want a plumber to be dispatched out for repairs to be made we will send our licensed plumbers to make sure all the plumbing repairs are made and all plumbing is up to speed; these calls will just be billed as a standard plumbing call where normal hourly rates will apply.
The best part of having a Service Agreement is not only the assurance your equipment is running and operating as clean and efficient as possible which tends to cut back on unexpected breakdowns throughout the year but you also get an additional 10% discount on any repairs needed throughout the year, no matter how big or small they may be. If that sounds like a nice perk then you’ll be very happy to hear that that’s not all you get. On top of receiving the 10% discount that allows us to show our appreciation to you for you being a loyal customer, you are guaranteed never to be billed overtime charges or after hours rates should you have to call our 24 hour emergency hotline after normal business hours or on the weekend.

We want our customers to rest easy knowing that if a situation should need attention day or night, our service techs are standing by to serve all your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs. We value each and every customer and strive to go above and beyond to show you we’re not just any service company; we’re here to keep you happy and comfortable all year round.

We take pride in building relationships with all our customers so you’ll never have to feel like just another name or number in someone’s system. We are very confident that if given the chance to serve your household needs, you’ll never look to another company again.